3 men vanish!: On April 29th, 1912, the three lighthouse keepers of Fetch Rock disappeared, without trace. Over the passing decades different theories have been offered, and new evidence come to light. Yet still no-one knows what happened to Oliver Drake, Robert Shaw and James Wolfe. The bodies were never discovered, and the inquest of 1912 came to no conclusions. The puzzle has fascinated people for decades, and Fetch Rock has become steeped in folklore. Now, you too, can climb the spiral stairs, and explore the lighthouse.


Mysterious Music : The sound of a plaintive violin is heard almost daily, although there are no musical instruments on the island. We mostly hear the sound (which could be described as a tune) when climbing the spiral staircase. A trick of the wind? Creaking floorboards? Maybe! Recent visitors to the lighthouse captured this sound on their video camera. Thanks to the Jameson family.

Hear the recording.


The First Floor / Old Crewroom: Visitors and staff have heard voices in this area, from no obvious source. Some believe it is the haunting voice of James Wolfe, who seeks help. James was one of the three lighthouse keepers who vanished on April 29th, 1912. Does his ghost wander the lighthouse, or is he trapped in the old crewroom (now an interactive reconstruction). A recent 'ghosthunt' found unusually high 'E.M.F' readings (high magnetic field disturbance) in this area. Webcam.


Exhibition Room / Old Boiler Room: Many strange occurrences have taken place in this area. It currently houses the 'History Alive' display, and the original lighthouse lamp (historic photo available). It is impossible for the lens to move, yet staff have reported slight rotations. Natural movements? Subsidence of the floor? We'll let you decide! Also of interest; some visitors have been disturbed by the smell of oil and burning in this area. It is important to note that this area was the original boiler room! Webcam.


Ancient inhabitants : It is widely known that a Bronze Age family/tribe lived on Fetch Rock around 2090bce. Recent archeological digs have indicated a 'wood henge' may have existed on the east side of the island, now under water. A reconstruction is available to view in the Discovery Centre, and a scale model is being created for next seasons 'Bronze Age' exhibition. The original site of the henge is best viewed from the picnic benches at the Beach Cafe. Further information about the Bronze Age can be found here.


Public Lavatories: Here's a strange one! A ghost that likes to wander the public loos! Many, many visitors have reported hearing footsteps, breathing, coughs and shuffling while 'taking a moment' in one of the cubicles. Upon leaving the cubicle there is no-one to be seen! Spooky stuff. Naturally, we at Fetch Rock were quite disturbed by these events, but were reassured that haunted toilets are quite common. Odd, but true. Why wouldn't the ghosts want to haunt the cafe? Or shop!


Discovery Centre : WWII Comes To Fetch Rock

Fetch Rock served a vital and exciting role during the Second World War. 4 radio operators were based here from February 1942 to the declaration of cease-fire in 1945. It is mind boggling to think upon the secret messages that would have been exchanged between secret agents operating in Brittany, across the channel, and our boys and girls sending vital information back and forth here in this very room. Obviously, the building has undergone several major renovations over the years, but still retains much of its character. Webcam.

The Haunted Radio

The radio exhibited in this room is an almost perfect replica of one of the devices used by the radio operators during World War Two. One particular machine, which gained the affectionate nickname of “Ralf”, was thought to be haunted. Strange garbled messages could be heard from the headphones, and some of the newer recruits refused to man “Ralf” for fear of going mad with the bizarre noise which would spew forth from the headset. This replica hasn’t given us any problems, thank goodness, but you never know what it picks up!


Lamp Gallery: Of all the alterations made to the lighthouse, the lamp room was the most extensive. This was absolutely necessary, as the structure could not support the weight of the lamp, and the mechanism contained potentially fatal mercury vapour. So, instead, we moved the lamp to the basement (see above), and created the Lamp Gallery. The space is one of the most unusual exhibition spaces in the world.

Many visitors have reported seeing figures outside the glass, wandering around the outer balcony. The outer area is closed to the public, so we have no explanation. Summer 2004 saw an exhibition by Matt Clark, who reported seeing "an old looking man, staring out to sea". Matt thought the man was a staff member, but was suspicious due to the mans old fashioned clothing, and worried expression. Webcam.

Ghost Games to play at home

Continue your Ghost-Hunting adventures at home!

Ever wanted to attend a 'ghost-hunt' or explore spooky, haunted locations? You can, without having to venture out into the chilly darkness. The games are suitable for all, with lots of puzzles, hidden clues and historical research. Get 'ghost-hunting' today!

  • Use REAL ghost-hunting gadgets as seen on the TV shows.
  • See into the dark with Nite-Vision technology.
  • Communicate with ghosts, and try to 'set them free'.
  • Settings are all based on REAL British locales.