The Fetch Rock Lighthouse: is famous for two reasons; the 1912 mystery, and as winner of 2004's 'Renovation' TV show. The former is a tragic story, in which three lighthouse keepers vanished on the night of April 29th, 1912. There are no official reasons for the incident, and the mystery has fascinated people through the passing decades.

The latter is more cheerful. Members of the public were prompted to vote for a needy building, which requires renovation, and reinvention. Fetch Rock won! Soon work was under way to develop the island, and lighthouse, into a fully functioning tourist attraction. During the renovation, several workman experienced strange occurrences, which are believed, by some, to be supernatural in origin!

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is something for you to enjoy at Fetch Rock; from lively interactive exhibits, to the majesty of the islands rock formations. Take a trip down to South-east Cornwall and catch the ferry across to Fetch Rock.....but watch out for the ghosts!

Ghost Games to play at home

Continue your Ghost-Hunting adventures at home!

Ever wanted to attend a 'ghost-hunt' or explore spooky, haunted locations? You can, without having to venture out into the chilly darkness. The games are suitable for all, with lots of puzzles, hidden clues and historical research. Get 'ghost-hunting' today!

  • Use REAL ghost-hunting gadgets as seen on the TV shows.
  • See into the dark with Nite-Vision technology.
  • Communicate with ghosts, and try to 'set them free'.
  • Settings are all based on REAL British locales.