Fetch Rock Lighthouse lies due south-east of the harbour town of Trewarthan, Cornwall. Built in 1890, the Lighthouse was manned (in 1912) by Principal Keeper Oliver Drake, First Assistant Robert Shaw and Second Assistant James Wolfe. Each had local connections to the town, and were well regarded and known to be sound of mind.

Each evening the "keepers" would start the electric generator (newly installed) and go about their nightly duties. On the evening of April 29th, 1912, a think fog rolled in across the English Channel, and shrouded the sea in an icy cloak. The lighthouse would normally have been very active, with the fog horn sounding every few moments. This was not the case, that fateful April night. A passing ship, The Ribos, observed that the lighthouse was not lit, so the ships captain (Tonker Travers) raised the alarm in the harbour.

The mystery remained a dark secret until the early 1990's, when the lighthouse (and island) won TV's Renovation archeology series. After months of work, the lighthouse was opened to the public. Soon after this event, the ghost stories began......

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