Fetch Rock Opening Hours and Ferry Service:

March 1st - November 7th 09:30 - 20:30
November 8th - February 30th 10:30 - 18:30

Ferry from Trewarthan Quayside, by Spivey's Crossing Service. First ferry to Fetch Rock is 09:00. Last ferry to Fetch Rock is 16:00 (winter), 18:00 (summer). Ferry fare includes one hot/soft drink from the ferry bar, and entry to the Island. A one-off payment to suit all. All credit cards accepted.

The ticket/ferry price includes:
• The crossing by boat, across to Fetch Rock.
• Admission to the lighthouse and gift shop.
• Access to the picnic area, beach cafe and tower deli.
• Entrance to The Discovery Centre.
• Access to the Lamp Room Gallery, and exhibition.

Please note: Due to the nature of the building, we do not recommend that those with disabilities attempt exploration of the lighthouse. The beach cafe, Discovery Centre and Island do allow wheelchair access.

Ghosthunters: Private parties, seances and vigils are encouraged. Please contact the lighthouse for further information.

Ghost Games to play at home

Continue your Ghost-Hunting adventures at home!

Ever wanted to attend a 'ghost-hunt' or explore spooky, haunted locations? You can, without having to venture out into the chilly darkness. The games are suitable for all, with lots of puzzles, hidden clues and historical research. Get 'ghost-hunting' today!

  • Use REAL ghost-hunting gadgets as seen on the TV shows.
  • See into the dark with Nite-Vision technology.
  • Communicate with ghosts, and try to 'set them free'.
  • Settings are all based on REAL British locales.