James Woolf: the youngest of the keepers, was born in
Plymouth, to the East of Trewarthan. He joined the crew
of Fetch Rock Lighthouse in December 1911, as the
'second assistant'.

His young life was cut short by the terrible events of 1912, and the location of his body still remains a mystery.
Woolf is thought to have proposed to his betroved, a Beatrice Agnew of Rose Cottage, the previous weekend
before his tragic disappearance. It wais perhaps James that people mourned the most. A bright, and lively lad. His life cut short at the age of 18.

Some insightful documents exist, and are offered here to view. The first is a letter from Beatrice to James, read shortly before the time of the 'incident'. The second document contains alarming content. It is written, we are told, by James and addressed to Beatrice. The words may be the last James Wolfe got to write, and leave us tantilising clues to the 'incident'.

Click to read the letter. A letter from Beatrice Agnew to James Wolfe.
Click to read the letter. James Wolfe scribbles one last note on April 29th.