Robert Shaw: was born in the rural hamlet of Duloe in
1876, 3 miles from Trewarthan. His father worked in the
nearby tin mine, and his mother provided cornish pasties
(a local pastry dish, filled with minced beef or lamb and
spiced vegetables) for both the fishermen of Trewarthan,
and the miners at the Duloe Tor Mine.
Shaw was well liked in the nearby town, and was a member of the fishermen's choir. His career was cut short by events on the night of the 29th of April. He would, without doubt, have been offered the role of "Principal Keeper".

A recent 'paranormal investigation' at the lighthouse produced something known as an "E.V.P" (electronic voice phenomenon). The voices of the dearly departed are believed to be audible in the 'white noise' produced by modern gadgets and household electronics (like TV's, radios). The ghost-hunting team have kindly donated two spooky recordings, captured in the old crew room, on the second floor. Some believe it is the voice of Robert Shaw!

Recording 1
Recording 2