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The Town: Saxton is a historic fishing harbour, nestled among ancient wave beaten rocks. White washed cottages, some over 400 years old, line the narrow streets and back alleys. People go about their daily business aware that their own lives are an echo of the past. Saxton is no oridinary town. It exists both in the then and the now.

With walls, bridges and roadways dating back to the Anglo-Saxons, it is easy to see why people flock to the shores of Saxton in the hope of discovering long lost treasures. Whether or not there is anything to find is not known, but the town exudes an atmosphere of adventure, mystery and melancholy. Just how many heroes of Anglian folk stories have walked the lanes and alleyways of Saxton?

Open your mind as you wander the town, for you may experience things beyond the imagination. With just a few steps to the North East of town you will find The Coast Path; which provides an oppertunity to explore Saxtons rugged coastline and clifftops; be sure to pay a visit to Saxton's lonely lighthouse, which has stood on this stretch of the coast path since 1911. The faithful light has shone out across the sea for many, many decades, guiding brave sailors away from the lethal 'Pinnacles'.

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