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The Bear and The Lighthouse Cafe have been serving fine foods and snacks for over a decade. Whether you are after an afternoon Cream Tea, a Suffolk Cobbler or Fish & Chips, Saxton aims to provide something for everyone. If you crave a taste of the sea, the new Seafood and Fish & Chip Shack on the Quay is the place for you. Fresh cockles, winkles, mussels and limpets are a seasonal delight.

Reviews -


Reviewed 14th October

The B&B is haunted! We stayed in Room 2, overlooking the Old Net Hut and beach, but were woken throughout the night by strange tappings and bangs. My husband said he also heard screaming, at 2am. When I got out of bed, in the morning, I found I had a red mark all around my neck. My husband also had strange scratches down his back, and our clothes smelt of tabacco and rum! We do not smoke or drink rum. I did ask for a refund, as we had not enjoyed our experience, but the landlady said there is no such thing as ghosts! She might want to tell the ghosts that!

"busy Saxton pub!"

Reviewed 28th September

The pub needs more staff! We waited over 45 minutes for our main course, which by modern standards is just too long. The food was great, (pizza, chips), but took too long! We complained to the owner, Morgan, but she seems very distracted by a strange knocking sound from the upstairs rooms.

"lovely duck"

Reviewed 18th September

A great meal in a historic setting. I had the Maki Rolls for my starter, which were cute and yummy, and my partner had the Smoked Mackeral, which was smoked to perfection. The addition of an Onion Bhaji was a stroke of genious, with the nutty bhaji complimenting the fish perfectly. My main course was duck, which came with a single lead shot! That suggests the bird was shot locally, rather than farmed, which my partner found distressing.

"Could do better"

Reviewed 13th September

We had a lovely Fish and Chips from the Tasty Plaice on our holiday, so decided to give the seafood a go. We are not used to eating shellfish, so didn't know what to expect. Are they supposed to be stinking and covered in a strange oil? I thought I'd have an upset tummy, but instead I felt like I was on meds! Dizzy, trippy and a bit out-of-it. What do they put in the water around there?!

"treasure hunter"

Reviewed 1st September

What a fantastic place! I travelled to Saxton after reading about the local legend of the 'Lost Anglo Saxon Crown', expecting to find little or nothing in the way of real adventure or charm. Lots of tourists towns have become tacky and comercialised over time, but not Saxton. It echoes with the past, as the fog rolls in off the sea and dusk begins to fall. I took a very long walk out to some of the local landmarks, like Northfield Church, The Highwayman Inn (great Ploughmans!) and the abandoned Lifeboat Station at Krippen Krag. There are tales of pirates in these parts, and I did find an intriguing carving in the cliff face. It looked like a skull and crossbones!!


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