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Halloween & Autumn Festival 31st October - 5th November

Saxton is all set to host this year's 'Halloween & Autumn Festival', a week long celebration, from October 31st to Bonfire Night, on November 5th. Local folk have pulled together to make the Samhain Celebration extra special, with Apple Bobbing, Masks, The Halloween Triathlon and late disco, in The Bear.

"It's been a darker than normal year, for us Saxton folk" said pub land lady,
Morgan Mankle "after the tragic death of Professor. Hardacre, and the
incident with the missing cats, we all need something to cheer us up".

Events start at 6pm on Halloween, centred around Maiden Square, the site of the famous Witch Trials and Executions. Many pagans, men, women and children, met a grisly fate on the spot where you can get your face painted or enjoy a tasty hot dog.

Ghost-Hunter Magazine
Cool English ghost-hunters want to play with YOU.

Halloween Horror
Are YOU too scared to party THIS Halloween night?
Saxton Museum
Do YOU really want to believe in things like THIS?
Saxton Times
Is it true that GHOSTS exist? Do they want to KILL you?

S.O.W's Annual Produce Fayre

The Saxton Old Wives Society are holding their annual Harvest Produce Fayre during this years Halloween & Autumn Festival. Anyone can enter the fayre, with a host of "super" prizes on offer, if you fancy that kind of thing.


Produce must be local, seasonal and inventive.

Last Entry is at Midnight, on November 5th.

Any questions? Please ask Mrs. Vallance, at Saxton Primary School,

Bonfire Night

An event organised by Saxton Council, following generous donations by the people of Saxton. The fire will be lit at 6pm, on Saxton Beach.

Remember, remember the 5th of November...

Masks, Facepainting, Food Stalls, Roast Chestnuts, drinks, disco and of course, the...


Any questions? Please ask Morgan Mankle in The Bear (if brave enough), or Clifton Falter of the Saxton Town Council (if you can find him!).

Writer's Workshop

Marilyn Marvéll is hosting a series of 'writer's workshops', in the Drinking Den of The Bear, during Festival Week. It is not known whether Marilyn has the necessary talent to lecture others, as we have yet to read her book, or meet her, for that matter. But, if you're pretentious enough, perhaps this events is for you? There is a slim chance of cheese and wine afterwards, so it may be worth taking a look.

Excerpt -

'Neville pushed his way through the ancient Saxon tunnels, fighting at the urge to just scream like a girl and RUN from the old Northfield Kingdom.'

The Ghost-Hunters - They found love in a haunted place, by Marilyn Marvéll.

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