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The Whittle Witches of Saxton Town

The museum is taking part in the Halloween & Autumn Festival with a new exhibition and film exploring Saxton's infamous association with Witchcraft! As you wander the streets of Saxton, think back to a bygone time where magick and sorcery were everyday worries.

Feeling poorly? Perhaps someone has put a curse on you and your home!

Insomnia? Someone may be taunting a fetish made in your image!

Hair loss? A witch may be plucking the hairs from a voodoo doll!

A trip to Saxton Museum may be beneficial. The age old antics of the past are not quite dead. There are those, in Saxton, who practise magic and divination. Is it real? Does magic exist? Are you in danger? Visit Saxton Museum to find out.

About the Museum: The museum was converted, in the 1950's, to the feast of displays and exhibits you can see today. The museum is somewhere you can lose yourself in history.

Don't miss:

The new 'Witchcraft Exhibition' organised by Rhys Branwen, of Celtic Corner.

War Room - Delve into Saxton's military past with this fascinating glimpse into a time of fear and conflict.

The Saxton Monster, a magnificent fossil, discovered along the Saxton coastline.

Learn about the Anglo-Saxon Kings who ruled this area over a thousand years ago.

Indulge your passion for our local flora and fauna by visiting Saxton Museum's library.

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