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About Saxton: Often refered to as the 'Hidden Gem of Anglia', Saxton is a town of exceptional quality. Standing on the brink of the North Sea, the town of Saxton can trace its roots to the time of legends, beasts and mythology.

Those who visit often talk of its uncanny atmosphere, unique landscape and ageless personality. You really can loose yourself in Saxton, whether for a weekend break away from it all, or something more substantial. As the mists roll in from the North Sea you too will understand why Saxton can be a hard town to leave behind.
Geography: The sea itself provides much of the entertainment in Saxton, with its slow tides and seemingly endless estuaries. Beyond the shore, the whispering Fenlands of Sedgemarsh circle the town to the south, with the ancient Carrion Wood spreading far and wide to the North. Some believe whole villages have been consumed by the woods, during times of famine, war and plague. Local legend tells of a church steeple, which peeps above the leafy canopy only one day a year.

Saxton itself is perched high above the fens, on a natural outcrop of ancient rocks; providing shelter from the sea, as well as keeping the aging buildings well above the saturated, silty waters of the shore and fens. The sparkling, clear water of The Sax enter the town under the Saxon bridge in the harbour. Water seeps from the hillsides of Northfield, forming small streams which combine to form The Sax.

Lastly, some mention should be made of The Saxton Caverns, and Fen Land Eye. These natural caves are a warren of dark, stony passages and bottomless chasms. Only brave, well-experienced pot-holers need enter the caves, as the tunnels have been known to snatch loved ones from sight, never to be seen again.

The Bear Inn
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Dark Fall Games
Do YOU have what it takes to be a Ghost-Hunter?
Shadow Tor Studios
Would you DARE to camp on the old moor after dark?
Saxton Council
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