Got an issue?

Although the games are tested to death (usually!), some bugs do get through. Also, it is always possible that certain software configurations can cause conflicts when playing. This can sometimes result in issues that affect gameplay, installation and sound. Below are some questions and answers which should cover any quirks or issues you may find.

Ordering Digital Downloads

Q: How do the Digital Download games work?
A: All Digital Downloads Games are provided in .Zip files. Once you have paid for your Digital Game, you will be sent confirmation emails and directed to a download page. It is an automatic process, with the downlaod offered immediately.

When downloading the .Zip 'SAVE' that file to a location on your computer. Once the download is complete you can open/extract the files inside. You will have the installer program files and instructions. Read the Instructions to get your individual Registration Code. Run the Setup.exe file. Follow the instructions on screen.

Q: I downloaded my Digital Download, but I don't know where I saved it?
A: You should select and remember the location on your PC where you 'SAVED' your downloaded Digital Download to. If you have not, you could try browsing your PC for the .Zip file. Because each computer will have individual settings you may have saved your file to different locations, such as in 'temporary internet files' or 'my documents'.

Q: How do I open my Walkthrough or Companion?
A: These Digital Downloads are provided in PDF format. Simply click on them to open and read. If you need to install the Adobe Reader to open the files. You can download the Free Adobe Reader here or go to Acrobat Reader

Dark Fall : The Journal - Classic Edition
Dark Fall : Lights Out - Directors Cut

Q: My old walkthrough tells me I can do something, but I can't?
A: The Classic Edition and Directors Cut versions are not the same as the previous versions. Dark Fall 2: Lights Out has many different puzzles, hints, clues and ghosts to encounter. You would be better following the new Dark Fall: Lights Out - Companion as a guide through the game. The Companions are available from the Store.

Q: Are there Bugs in Dark Fall 2? The Game doesn't match my Walkthrough.
A: These are new and improved versions of the Games. Dark Fall 2: Lights Out has many different puzzles, hints, clues and ghosts to encounter. Your ghost hunting adventures would be better if you follow the new Dark Fall: Lights Out - Companion as you explore the dark mysterious Lighthouse. The Companions are available from the Store.

Q: Do I need DirectX?
A: If you need to update your system using Direct X please do so with the follow links. DirectX 9.0c DirectX 8.1 Runtime for Windows 98 and Windows Me.

Q: There was no video introduction when I started a New Game in Dark Fall 2: Lights Out?
A: You may need to update your PC's Mpeg Video Codec in order to see the videos. Try installing the latest versions on Media Player. Download and install the latest version for your system here or visit Microsoft Media Player

The Lost Crown - A Ghost-Hunting Adventure

Q: Clicking the Walkie-Talkie on Day 3 makes Nigel jump back to the beach.
A: Install the Updater, which can be found here.

Q: Pop-up says: "This application failed to start because d3dx9_34.dll was not found".
A: Re-install the game, and DO NOT un-tick the 'Install DirectX9.0C' option. Unticking this option will not install the correct version of DirectX (needed by Windows to run the game).

Q: Install Tick-Box for DirectX9.0C still doesn't install Direct X 9.
A: A rare occurance, on DirectX10 machines, but if you find the install doesn't automatically install DirectX9.0C, you can run the DriectX setup manually from Disk2. Open the contents of the disk, open DXSetup folder. Then double click the icon called 'DXSetup.exe'. Note: On Vista the '.exe' part may not be visible due to Vista not displaying 'file extensions', SO double-click the file called 'DXSetup'. DirectX9.0C will install, and off you go!

Q: Cannot get the 'Password to work'.
A: US versions of The Lost Crown require a Password to be entered during installation. The password can be found on the game manual. Enter the password sequence EXACTLY as shown, including any spaces, dashes or hyphens. The password is also 'case sensitive', so use capital letters.

Q: My updater doesn't seem to change the Walkie-Talkie issue.
A: When installing the Updater; make sure you install to the exact same location as your game files. On XP and Vista, this is usually Program Files/The Lost Crown. If you changed the default directory path, you will need to install the Updater to that location. Secondly, some gamers have reported that the Updater did not fully download. If your Updater fails to fix the Walkie-Talkie issue, please download it again, and re-install. Install the Updater, which can be found here.