Darkling Room can be found in Cornwall,
just off England, somewhere between the crashing waves
and the desolate moors.

The story so far...

Darkling Room have been producing games for over 20 years, starting with a garage game called The Displacement, before creating successful commercial titles such as the Myst-clone with ghosts 'Dark Fall', which found an audience across the globe in several different languages. Later, in 2008, the big hit 'The Lost Crown' made Top Ten pre-orders in Britain, with reviews in The Sun, PC Gamer and most major gaming websites. Not bad for a shoestring game, filmed and set in the local neighbourhood! Tastes have changed, as have we, so the aim in 2017 is to commit to game production full time, with several different projects on the go. I'd love to make some 3d games, as well as spin the older adventure titles towards tablets, and hand helds, where their future lies. The larger games, like Dark Fall 4 and Glasto, deserve a posh set of platforms, as dark adventures are back in a big way. Both me (Jonathan)and the ghosts here at Darkling Room are quite excited about what we have to offer and the stories we are dying to tell. It's time to make some more games!

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