Causeland Station

Location: Causeland Station / Looe Valley Train Line
About: A chance encounter, a sacred well, a death on the tracks. A surprising, and chilly night was spent at Causeland Station, on the Looe Valley Train Line.

The Lammana Chapel, Hannafore

Location: The Lammana Chapel / Hannafore
About: The ruins of the Lammana Chapel, beyond Hannafore in Cornwall, are investigated at midnight. A surprise awaits the team, as the witching hour approaches.

The Midland Grand Hotel

Location: The Midland Grand Hotel / Central London
About: This neglected, and beautiful hotel complex has much to offer the budding ghosthunter. How did we get on, during our very first investigation?

Jamaica Inn

Location: Jamaica Inn / Bolventor / Bodmin Moor
About: Famous for its ghosts, and legends, would the famous pub surprise the This Haunted Land team? Perhaps! Dark corridors, and the exterior had plenty to offer.

Kilminorth Woods

Location: Kilminorth Woods / West Looe / East Cornwall
About: These ancient woodlands have never been investigated. Our three man team got much more than they bargained for. A terrifying time.

The standing stones at Dervaig

Location: Cnoc Fada standing stones / Mull / Scotland
About: An ancient megalithic site may be haunted by 'Flinty Nihols', THL investigate. Who are 'The Nameless Ones' and can squirrels commit suicide? These are just some of the topics explored, on the island of Mull.

Minster Lovell Hall, Dove Cote / Oxfordshire

Location: Minster Lovell Hall, the Dove Cote / Oxfordshire
About: Our first photographic encounter with the paranormal. The Dove Cote at Minster Lovell Hall, in Oxfordshire, on Christmas Day prompted the creation of This Haunted Land. Take a look at what started it all.

carnglaze Caverns

Location: Carnglaze Caverns / Near Liskeard / East Cornwall
About: The old slate mine, with its dark corners and underground lakes, provided a diverting ghost hunt for the team.

Dunstaffnage Castle

Location: Dunstaffnage Castle / Western Scotland
About: An ancient, and beautiful keep is transformed at night. Reports of re-enactments, and phantom soldiers bring the team to the Western Isles of Scotland.

Bodmin Jail

Location: Bodmin Jail
About: Playful ghost children, a nasty surprise in the cells and the resident ghost of a prison guard. Jonathan, Matt and Francis (our newest medium) explore the legendary prison.

Murrayton House

Location: Murrayton House & Monkey Sanctuary / East Cornwall
About: A fog shrouded day to explore a haunted house. Our medium has plenty to decipher, while the gardens hide a secret.

Talland Bay

Location: Talland Bay / Cornwall
About: Talland Bay can boast smuggling legends, a vicar in league with the devil, an ancient 13th Century church tower, and an amazing atmosphere. The team went hunting, on a blustery spring day.

Smugglers Cave

Location: Smugglers Cave / Penrocks / East Looe
About: A deep, dark and damp hollow, which proceeds into the earth itself. Our medium senses a fussy ghost, by candlelight.