Infestation Icon: This icon indicates that an infestation by insects, vermin or other small creatures has been observed in an area thought to be haunted. These infestations are thought to disappear as quickly as they appear.

Manifestation Icon: Figures, figure like “trails”, shapes or mists are included as manifestations. A fully formed appearance of a supernatural entity (visible ghost) is also classified in this group.

“Orbs” Icon: Whether you are hooked on “orbs” or not, this icon appears on investigations where they have appeared on camera, or in stills. For more information regarding “orbs” please read this additional information.

Trails Icon: Similar to “orbs”, trails often appear on still photographs, or nightvison footage. Any unexplainable “mists” are also considered as “trails” in this guide.

Touch Icon: A member of the team has felt something/someone touch them, that cannot be explained by rational means. Even the slightest touch will be noted.

Moving objects Icon: Any moving objects, which cannot be explained through conventional means, are considered to be paranormal. Movement during seances, table-tipping, Ouija sessions is also grouped under this category.

Temperature Experience Icon: Different to the standard “temperature” icon (below), this icon indicates a member of the team “feels” a change in physical temperature.

Temperature Icon: This icon indicates that a registered temperature drop has been recorded by our equipment. It is different to the above “Temperature Experience”.

Power Icon: This icon indicates that, either, the location experiences power cuts, or fluctuations, OR, our equipment is affected by an unseen power drain/increase.

Compass Icon: This icon indicates that magnetic fluctuations were encountered during the investigation, or the site is notorious for this phenomenon. This effect is monitored using a standard compass, carried by one of our investigators.

Sound Icon: Strange, & unexplainable(!!), sounds have been experienced by the team during an investigation when this icon appears.

Voices Icon: A personal favourite, this icon indicates actual voices have been heard, which cannot be explained. Similar to “sounds”, but much more exciting!

Smells Icon: Any strange, or unexpected, smells encountered during investigations will be indicated with this icon.