Orbs: Love them or laugh at them, orbs have rapidly become the ghosthunters number one example of ‘visual evidence’. The jury is out regarding their existence and origin, but theories include: they are the energies needed for a full manifestation, spirit bodies, the soul... or, more plainly, they are accused of being: dust, moisture, flies or light reflections.

I used to believe there was a perfectly rational explanation for their appearance on digital photographs, but recent events have led me to believe otherwise. If they are simply spots of moisture on the camera lens, why do they not appear on ALL the photographs, including shots taken from the same angle, in the exact lighting conditions? A ‘multi-burst’ shot can often reveal “orbs” to move in complex formations, against natural drafts and rising heat.

Whether you believe in “orbs”, or not, we will be publishing photographs featuring them, so that you can decide for yourself.