Jonathan Name: Jonathan
Joined: December 2003
Interests: Paranormal, adventure games, food and sci-fi.
Favourite investigation: Talland Bay
Least favourite investigation: Kilminorth Woods
Useful link: XXv Productions
Revealing link: BBC's Doctor Who
Favourite food: Tuna Sashimi

Matt Name: Matt
Joined: June 2004
Interests: Ancient & lost civilisations, painting, sculpture, art, graphic design.
Favourite investigation: Talland Bay
Least favourite investigation: Kilminorth Woods
Useful link: Barrow Hill
Revealing link:
Favourite food: Crispy duck

Not Patsy Name: Patsy
Joined: March 2005
Interests: Pink things, velociraptors, cookies, my friends.
Favourite investigation: Talland Bay
Least favourite investigation: None
Useful link: BBC / Cakes and Cookies
Revealing link: Dinosaurs
Favourite food: Cookies

Lorraine, she's a witch, you know! Name: Lorraine
Joined: March 2005
Interests: Sitdown comedy, theatre, celtic wine making and cooking methods.
Favourite investigation: Carnglaze Caverns (and Rum Store!)
Least favourite investigation: None
Useful link: Museum of Witchcraft
Revealing link: What is Wicca?
Favourite food: Moules

Not George! Name: George
Joined: March 2005
Interests: Ghosts, cooking, reading, ornithology, gardening.
Favourite investigation: Murrayton House
Least favourite investigation: Kilminorth Woods
Useful link: The Lost Crown
Revealing link: Time Team
Favourite food: Beef Stew

Christopher Name: Christopher
Joined: November 2003
Interests: Motors, construction, Geography, History and winemaking.
Favourite investigation: Too soon to say! The night is young.
Least favourite investigation: None, so far. They all reveal something.
Useful link: Megalithic: For stones circles and ancient sites.
Revealing link: The Herald, keeps me in-touch with home.
Favourite food: Roast Beef

Bob, to shy for photo Name: Bob
Joined: October 2003
Interests: Robots, cartoons, motorbikes.
Favourite investigation: Jamaica Inn.
Least favourite investigation: None so far, all are useful.
Useful link: Mountain Cakes, Bob's a big cake fan!
Revealing link: Robots, the movie. Bless.
Favourite food: Mountain Cakes

Joanne Marie Name: Joanne Marie
Joined: April 2004
Interests: Wildlife, animal husbandry, growing organic food, my children
Favourite investigation: Looe Smugglers Caves
Least favourite investigation: Loved 'em all!
Useful link: The Ramblers Assoc
Revealing link: The Woodland Trust
Favourite food: Organic Broccolli with garlic butter.

Francis Name: Francis
Joined: December 2004
Interests: Spiritualism
Favourite investigation: Bodmin Jail
Least favourite investigation:Too soon to say!
Useful link: Farscape
Revealing link: BBC Weather Photographs - stunning
Favourite food: Fresh!

Philip Name: Philip
Joined: June 2003
Interests: Archaeology, historical research, mathematics, reading fantasy & sci-fi.
Favourite investigation: Dunstaffnage Castle
Least favourite investigation: Not sure yet! Probably none.
Useful link: Public Records Office
Revealing link: Dress Up Jesus
Favourite food: Seafood