Talland Bay, Saint Tallunus Ulcombe Church: The Lost Crown
Description: Talland Bay & Church
The church at Talland Bay is perched on the cliff tops, along the coast path from Polperro to Looe. The church was featured in The Lost crown as the fictional 'Ulcombe Church'. In reality, there are no known crypts beneath the church, but it does have a massive church organ and beautifully carved wooden pews. Anyone retracing Nigel's steps will find Talland Bay spookily familiar.

Best part: The views across the bay from the graveyard.
View the film. Film: Exploring the atmosphere and detail along Cornwall's coast, this film shows just a small stretch of the rocky shore which would appear in-game as The Pinnicles; an ancient land of barnacles, limpets and crustations. The film was recorded in 2007, during the production of The Lost Crown.
View the film. Film: A fan video looking at the 'real' locations seen in The Lost Crown, a ghosthnting adventure. Saxton is really Polperro, in Cornwall. The video shows images of both locations, so you can see the difference. Talland Bay, Duloe and Looe are also compared. Darkling Room are proud to host this fan video! Thanks Sam.
View the film. Ghost-Hunt: Case File 006: Talland Church, The Cliffs of Cornwall
Description: Talland Bay can boast smuggling legends, a vicar in league with the devil, an ancient 13th Century church tower, and an amazing atmosphere. The team went hunting, on a blustery spring day. Talland Church would, eventually, make its way into The Lost Crown, as the fictional Ulcombe Church.

For more info on The Lost Crown, Polperro, Looe or Saxton: www.thelostcrown.co.uk / By Jonathan Boakes 2008
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