Sandplace Station on the Looe Valley Line. Sedgemarsh Station: The Lost Crown
Description: Sandplace Station aka Sedgemarsh
Based on the Looe Valley Train Line, Sandplace Station really is one of the most pretty rural stations in England. Whether approaching the station on foot, or by train, no traveler can fail to be impressed by the location, nestled among the woods of the nearby hills. As you can see from the images above, the station needed to be flipped to fit the world of Saxton, but, apart from that, visitors will find the location pleasantly familiar. Note: The nearby Duloe Church was the location for Northfield, as seen in-game, so I highly recommend that you repeat Nigel's adventure, by taking in both locations in an afternoon.

Best part: Walk down from Duloe (Northfield), through the woods, down to the station, then travel on through the Looe Valley to Looe itself.

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