Saxton: The Lost Crown
Description: Polperro aka Saxton
Polperro is a picturesque harbour town, best approached by sea, from Looe. Anyone familiar with the locations from The Lost Crown will find themselves instantly transported into the fiction, as they wander the many lanes and passages of the town. Many of the town's buildings were 're-cycled' to become specific places; such as Saxton Museum, The Bear, Harbour Cottage, The Lighthouse Cafe, Celtic Corner...the list could go on, and on! Even The Lost Crown's spooky Old Net Store exists, as it appears in-game, on the cliffs beyond the town.

Best part: Re-trace Nigel's footsteps by walking through the town, across Saxton Shore (Polperro Beach) and explore the caves, including the very real 'Willy Wilcox Cave', which locals believe to be very haunted!
View the film. Film: Polperro Harbour doubled as the fictional, haunted, town of Saxton, in The Lost Crown, a ghost-hunting adventure. Saxton was a ghost town, built upon legends, myths, sea shanties, mystery and ghost stories. Polperro is little different, hence it's use as the inspiration for a very special location.
View the film. Film: A fan video looking at the 'real' locations seen in The Lost Crown, a ghosthnting adventure. Saxton is really Polperro, in Cornwall. The video shows images of both locations, so you can see the difference. Talland Bay, Duloe and Looe are also compared. Darkling Room are proud to host this fan video! Thanks Sam.

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