Hannafore's Rocks form at a natural maze on the beach. The Pinnacles: The Lost Crown
Description: Hannafore Rocks aka The Pinnacles
The jagged rock maze at Hannafore, alongside Looe, were the inspiration for The Pinnacles, Saxton's natural warren of barnacled rocks and misty sand banks. It is possible to wander the rocks, at Hannafore, and re-live scenes from The Lost Crown. Rest assured that, unlike Nigel, you won't be lost for long. Also, there's tea, cakes and crumpets available nearby, should you need a boost while treasure hunting!

Best part: Foggy days, when the fog horn breaks the eerie silence of a Hannafore winter.
View the film. Film: Exploring the atmosphere and detail along Cornwall's coast, this film shows just a small stretch of the rocky shore which would appear in-game as The Pinnicles; an ancient land of barnacles, limpets and crustations. The film was recorded in 2007, during the production of The Lost Crown.

For more info on The Lost Crown, Polperro, Looe or Saxton: www.thelostcrown.co.uk / By Jonathan Boakes 2008
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