Stone Effigy in the Saint Cuby Church at Duloe. Northfield Church: The Lost Crown
Description: Duloe Church (St.Cubys) aka Northfield
Towering above the village of Duloe, St.Cuby's Church is cathedral-like in size and dimension. Built upon an ancient site, the church features many religious treasures, many of which appear in The Lost Crown. If visiting the church, be sure to make a donation (the church is threatened with closure, due to lack of community interest and support). When visiting, make sure you cross the nearby field to see the Duloe stone circle. The circle is 4 thousand years old, and is one of the most unusual in Cornwall (part inspiration for Barrow Hill, by Shadow Tor Studios).

Best part: Admire the wonderful items found inside the church, on a windy day, to the sound of the resident crows and jackdaws.
View the film. Film: Duloe Church, near Looe, in Cornwall; explored and filmed by Jonathan Boakes and Matt Clark, as research for The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure. 2006. The church dates back to pre-Norman times, and is home to many wonderful items, including a large stone effigy, exquisite carved 'Rood Screen' and medieval images carved into Elven slate. Enjoy our exploration of the church.
View the film. Film: A fan video looking at the 'real' locations seen in The Lost Crown, a ghosthnting adventure. Saxton is really Polperro, in Cornwall. The video shows images of both locations, so you can see the difference. Talland Bay, Duloe and Looe are also compared. Darkling Room are proud to host this fan video! Thanks Sam.

For more info on The Lost Crown, Polperro, Looe or Saxton: / By Jonathan Boakes 2008
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