The Winsor Woods near Causeland, Cornwall. Carrion Woods: The Lost Crown

Description: Windsor Woods aka The Carrion Woods
There are many, many, deep, dark, dense Pine Forests throughout Cornwall, but the Windsor and Stocks Woods near Causeland and Sandplace are among some of the spookiest. If you leave the road, and enter the woods on foot you will be surprised by how little light penetrates the needled forest floor, and how few birds sing out in the gloom. As the inspiration for The Carrion Woods, this forest provided bark textures, sounds and shapes for use when building the game.

Best part: Finding ruins, old mines and abandoned homes in the dark corners of the wood. Watch out for the crows!

View the film. Film: The Trelawne Woods, near Looe in Cornwall, hide many ruins, from old lime kilns to deserted farmsteads. A May afternoon saw the discovery of this, spooky house, by the team behind 'The Lost Crown'. The ruin provided much inspiration for the Ager House, seen in-game as the home of the Karswell's, of Northfield.
View the film. Film: The woods, located between Looe, Watergate and Trelawne Manor, are steeped in legend. This video, shot by Jonathan Boakes, features the woods during a downpour, Summer 2006. The Kilminorth Woods were filmed to appear as the fictional 'Carrion Woods' as seen in The Lost Crown.
View the film. Ghost-Hunt: Case File 004: Kilminorth Woods / Mill Pool, Looe
Description: These ancient woodlands have never been investigated. Our three man team got much more than they bargained for. A terrifying time. The nights spooky shenanigans would have a huge impact on the production, making the fictional 'Carrion Woods' one of the creepiest in the game.
View the film. Ghost-Hunt: Case File 009: Blackentrack Woods, Cornwall, England
Description: Tales of Moss Men and Wood Sprites abound in the reports surrounding this ancient woodland.....which would feature as one of The Lost Crown's most eerie locations. I created the fictional Carrion Woods based purely on The Blackentrack Woods in Cornwall. The woods are dense, dark and full of suggestive shapes, sounds and stories.

For more info on The Lost Crown, Polperro, Looe or Saxton: / By Jonathan Boakes 2008
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