Banjo Pier, Looe. Martello Tower: The Lost Crown
Description: Banjo Pier aka The Martello Tower
Looe's Banjo Pier, designed by the Victorian entrepreneur Joseph Thomas, doubles as Saxton's Martello Tower. The fictional landmark was included in the story as a reference to a similar location in M.R.James' A Warning to the Curious. The main protagonist in James' story actually meets his death at this location, at the climax of the story. I am happy to say that Looe's Banjo Pier cannot boast such a ghastly history, instead, it provides a delightful break from the world, stretching some 100 metres out to sea.

Best part: Visit the Banjo Pier in Winter, when tourists desert the town. It's a spooky location on foggy afternoons, as the fog horn makes the whole structure tremble, alarmingly!

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