Wild Garlic near Stocks Lane. Train Tracks: The Lost Crown

Description: There are hundreds of miles of leafy country lanes across Cornwall, but I had a particular area in mind when creating the fictional 'Raven Lane' for The Lost Crown. Stocks Lane, which joins Duloe to Causeland, is a HedgeWych's dream. All of the ingredients for Katherine Karswell's 'Seven Birds And Nut Stew' can be found on this stretch of road, which is best explored on foot, so as not to miss any of the flora and fauna. All 4 seasons offer different treats, for the walker, including sightings of young Buzzards in Summer, or shy Deer in Winter.

Best part: Walk down Stocks Lane (from Duloe, used as Northfield) to Causeland Station (site of the fictional train crash). The journey will feel amazingly familiar, given that Nigel also performs the exact same walk. You'll even pass through the pine forest that became The Lost Crown's 'Carrion Wood'.

View the film. Film: A short film, of the fields above Looe, in Cornwall. Summer flowers, many insects, and other sights of this beautiful county. Katherine Karswell would most definitely find many ingredients for her potions and stews, here in the top fields above Looe, Duloe and Polperro. Filmed by Jonathan Boakes, 20th July, 2008.
View the film. Film: The Trelawne Woods, near Looe in Cornwall, hide many ruins, from old lime kilns to deserted farmsteads. A May afternoon saw the discovery of this, spooky house, by the team behind 'The Lost Crown'. The ruin provided much inspiration for the Ager House, seen in-game as the home of the Karswell's, of Northfield.

For more info on The Lost Crown, Polperro, Looe or Saxton: www.thelostcrown.co.uk / By Jonathan Boakes 2008
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