Common issues are listed below - you may find the solution you seek.

If you encounter a different problem when installing or playing The Lost Crown contact the Iceberg Interactive Technical helpdesk, who aim to respond to your query within 24 hours (working days.)

When contacting our support desk, be sure to include:

1. The title of the game.
2. A brief description of the problem. (e.g. my game crashed after reaching level x).
3. The hardware configuration of your computer by making a DXDiag* and any other detailed information that could help us investigate the problem.

* To generate a DXDIAG file. Please follow these steps:
From de desktop click on Start > Run, type “DXDIAG: and press OK).
Wait for the program to finish and click “save all info” to copy all hardware info to a .txt file.

Please send the .txt file, together with your inquiry our support desk.

Possible Issues:

Q: I'm running the game on a widescreen and the image is stretched.
If you are playing The Lost Crown on a widescreen (and dont have Aspect Ratio settings), download the following update to allow you to maintain the games Aspect Ratio.

Download Aspect Ratio update here.

Extract/Copy the files to the location you installed The Lost Crown to, which by default will be Program Files/The Lost Crown.

When starting the game, select 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' from the setting options. You may need to run the Setting link if your settings screen is not displayed.

Q: I get error message 'd3dx9_34.dll Missing File'
You need to download DirectX 9.0c, please use the following link. Most versions of The Lost Crown will have this included on the Installation DVD.

Download DirectX9.0C HERE

Q: Clicking the Walkie-Talkie on Day 3 makes Nigel jump back to the beach.
A: Install the Updater, which can be found here.

Q: Install Tick-Box for DirectX9.0C still doesn't install Direct X 9.
A: A rare occurance, on DirectX10 machines, but if you find the install doesn't automatically install DirectX9.0C, you can run the DriectX setup manually from Disk2. Open the contents of the disk, open DXSetup folder. Then double click the icon called 'DXSetup.exe'. Note: On Vista the '.exe' part may not be visible due to Vista not displaying 'file extensions', SO double-click the file called 'DXSetup'.
DirectX9.0C will iinstall, and off you go!

Q: Cannot get the 'Password to work'.

A: Some Boxed versions of The Lost Crown require a Password to be entered during installation. The password can be found on the game manual or in the box. Enter the password sequence EXACTLY as shown, including any spaces, dashes or hyphens. The password is also 'case sensitive', so use capital letters.

Q: My updater doesn't seem to change the Walkie-Talkie issue.
A: When installing the Updater; make sure you install to the exact same location as your game files. On XP and Vista, this is usually Program Files/The Lost Crown. If you changed the default directory path, you will need to install the Updater to that location. Secondly, some gamers have reported that the Updater did not fully download. If your Updater fails to fix the Walkie-Talkie issue, please download it again, and re-install. Install the Updater, which can be found here.

Last updated: 5/06/2014