Cornwall - Looking for The Last Crown
By Jonathan Boakes, May 2010
Looe Harbour, The Quay, May 2010
Sailing Boats, Looe, May 2010
Crustation, Looe Beach, Near The Pinnacles.
The deserted town...where has everybody gone...?
Blue benches on The Banjo Pier.
The Looe Gulls - Friend or Foe?
Forthcoming events...hoping for more visitors.
A lone walker...where did they go?
Time stops during the fog.
The ferryman ventures out, into the fog...
Ancient life in The Pinnacles, East Looe.
The Pinnacles, as seen in The Lost and Last Crown.
Not a soul in sight, not a breath of wind, the fog swallows all for the ghosts to begin.
The photographer, and explorer and his ghost...time moves differently here.
These images originally appeared on the blog: Lost in the Fog - Where Has Everybody Gone...?
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Looe Lifeboats... Time stands still... A place to loose yourself... The photographer...