Nigel Danvers is haunted. Ever since Halloween, after that brief but disturbing experiment with the Spiritboard, he has felt someone, or something, calling to him. What is the significance of the word 'Blackenrock'? Is it a name, an item, an event, a place?

Joining Nigel on his mysterious mission is fellow ghost-hunter Lucy Reubans. Together, they must delve deep into Saxton's murky past, to learn secrets long since buried by those that fear 'The Return'. Armed with upgraded ghost gadgets, they must seek answers from the dead and uncover a century old murder mystery.



All the clues regarding Blackenrock lead out to sea, through the dense fog, away from the safety of Saxton. A trip into the unknown! The scattered rocky remnants of old Ulcombe make for treacherous waters, as the claw-like rocks seem to stand guard, preventing all but the most brave from discovering what hides beyond.







System Requirements:

OS: Windows® Windows 10 - Windows 8 - Windows 7 - Vista - XP (SP2/SP3)
CPU: Pentium® IV (or equivalent, higher recommended.)
RAM: 512 MB RAM. (1 GB RAM recommended.)
GRAPHICS CARD & MONITOR: 128 MB (higher recommended) DirectX® 9.0C Compatible 3D accelerated video card, supporting 32bit (true color) colour depth at 1280 x 960.
SOUND: 16-bit DirectX® 9.0C Sound Card.
ADDITIONAL: Mouse, Speakers, (DVD-Rom Drive for boxed copies)

Note: A version of The Last Crown : Blackenrock for lower resolutions (including notebooks), will also be available, supporting 32bit colour depth at 1024 x 768.


Previously... treasure, ghosts and murder!

Nigel Danvers has escaped London, on the Sleepwalker train, to seek adventure and fortune on England's windswept coast. Expecting a cool reception, Nigel is surprised to find that he is expected...but how?! Has he been here before?

Later - he befriends a local girl, Lucy Reubans (after some coaxing!). Lucy shares his interest in the paranormal, strange and supernatural, even though she remains skeptical. She knows the small harbour town hides many a dark secret, so embraces the chance to dig deeper. But is she safe?

Together they go hunting for the legendary 'lost' crown of the Anglo-Saxons; believed to be hidden in the eerie landscape that surrounds them. But, many of the townsfolk, including white wicca 'Nanny Noah', warn that some treasures are not supposed to be found; they have been hidden for a reason. Ignoring the advice, Nigel
seeks answers in a mysterious world; inhabited by the living, but haunted by the dead.


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