Cortexa is a piece of multimedia work presented on CD Rom. The work explores the different aspects and abilities of the brain. The users brain is scanned at the beginning of the presentation and then shown on screen, (fictional obviously). The user is then able to explore their own cortexes and neural pathways. Along the way the user has to solve or complete simple puzzles and activities. These tasks include sound, visual and memory puzzles appropriate to the current cortex. Their success (or failure) results in rises in brain activity.

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Cortexa was presented, by Jonathan Boakes, at the University of Astronomy in Poitiers, France on the 19th of March, 2000. This show was part of the RIHL Poitiers Film Festival, see images below for snap shots of that years event.

Cortexa @ the Poitiers Film Festival.
Poitiers Film Festival Flora @ Jonathan Jonathan & Arian
Brad & Antonia
Main Square Ed, Vincent & Jonathan
Arian & Jonathan & Hollywood!

Images shown are from the Poitiers Film Festival, 2000. Cortexa was presented by Jonathan Boakes, shown in the images. Click HERE to see photos of this event. One page.

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