Ticking away in the background is a secret-ish 3D project, currently known as 'Glastonbury'. The game is a puzzle adventure, in which the gamer is sent to 'Wick Hollow Hall', an old 16th Century house, in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor, a place steeped in magic, legend and horror.


You have been sent to investigate 'strange phenomena' at Wick Hollow Hall. The house and grounds have been recently restored, with hopes to open to the public. But, there have been 'incidents'. People have been hurt, strange elemental beings have been witnessed in the sedge marshes, churchyard and country lanes. Time slips, ghosts, visitation from 'angels'. Can the witness statements be true? Fairies? Fire spirits? The ghost of Elizabeth I?! Hundreds of thousands of people visit the legendary town and Tor each year, looking to experience the 'magic' that surrounds the famous Tor and ruins. But, is there a real reason the Tor exudes power?



A complete house , gardens and grounds to explore!
Realistic weather, day/night cycles and wild, random events.
Monitor scientific equipment, to record 'strange phenomena'.
Science vs. The Paranormal - tackle puzzles your way..
Use dowsing rods, crystals, E.S.P and other 'out there' practises.
Trace ley lines; pinpoint hot spots and conjunction points.
A Full cast of actors, from various times and predicaments.
Esoteric original soundtrack, with songs composed for the story.
Lots of puzzles! This is not a walking simulator. :-)
Created by Darkling Room and Shadow Tor Studios.
Real 3D objects and statuery scanned in the real Glastonbury.
Sounds and textures from the mysterious 'Somerset Levels'.


Screen Captures

Here are some screens from the game, all works in progress. If you would like to get involved in this project, please get in touch. A Kickstarter is planned for next year, to pay for voice acting and translations, so expect to see more of this project over the coming months.

For more information on Glastonbury - Waking Dream of Avalon visit the Shadow Tor Studios Blog

Platforms (TBC)

Glastonbury - Waking Dream of Avalon will be available on various platforms, from hi-spec to tablets.