The very first Dark Fall from XXv Productions, now Darkling Room. Created by Jonathan Boakes in 1999, the game was met with great reviews and was globally published, in 8 languages by Dreamcatcher Interactive, later published by Iceberg Interactive and THQ Nordic. The game continues to sell to this day, as well as spawning three sequels.


You receive a startling phone call, from your brother. He needs help. You must leave at once. Two students are carrying out a paranormal investigation at an abandoned train station and hotel. Ghost-hunters! They may have awoken something old, something dark, and long forgotten, which is now hungry for new life, new souls and old pain. Can such a force be understood? Or stopped? It is up to you. Call up the dead to uncover the mystery, and discover the true identity of the Dark Fall.



Explore the haunted hotel and train station, alone at night.
Use Ghost-Hunting Gadgets to see and hear the past.
Challenge the mind by solving many devious puzzles and enigmas.
Communicate with ghosts via a Ouijaboard.
Decypher an ancient, long forgotten, language.
A non-linear story by Jonathan Boakes, author of The Lost Crown.
Full cast of actors & sound to bring the haunted location to life!
Use high-tech surveillance equipment to observe activity.
Research local Ghost Stories to learn more about the Dark Fall.



A few in-game screenshots, from Dark Fall - The Journal. Please visit the Official website for more screens, videos and info. Dark Fall - The Journal

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