Support and FAQ

Q: Why do I have train signal code of 684, yet the book suggests 634?
A: This is a typo, please use code 634 in the signal book.

Q: Do I need DirectX 9.0c. even if I have a higer version such as 10 or 11?
A: Yes, Widows Direct X 10 and 11 are not backwardly compatible. You need to install DirectX 9.0c with the game, either from the DVD-Rom, or from the following link.
Download DirectX9.0C HERE

Q: My game freezes when moving puzzle pieces or interacting with objects.
A: It maybe that you are playing on a widescreen monitor. Please change your desktop size to 1024 x 768 and re-run the game.

  • On XP - Right-click on your Desktop. Select 'Properties'. Under 'Display Properties' select 'Settings', and change the screen resolution.
  • On Vista or Windows 7 - Right-click on your Desktop. Select 'Personalise', 'Display', then 'Screen Resolution' and change the screen resolution. Or Right-click on your Desktop, Select 'Screen Resolution' and change the screen resolution.
  • You can also find 'Display Properties' through the Controll Panel.

Technical Support HERE.

Further technical help can be sought here: technical support.

  • Do you have a problem downloading, or running, the game?
  • Missing a game manual?

The best people to talk to are 'Iceberg Interactive', the official publishers. They have a dedicated technical team, who strive to make your 'Lost Souls' experience as enjoyable as possible. Click the image, to the left, to go to the technical support.


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