Three men once manned the lighthouse on Fetch Rock, but they vanished without trace on New Year, 1900. No-one knows what really happened to those three poor souls, and no-one is brave enough to stay in the lighthouse, alone, after dark. Except to Fetch Rock Island, and discover what really happened...

  • A brand new ‘Directors Cut’ with new scenes, ghosts & puzzles.
  • Explore the historic Lighthouse in four different eras.
  • Discover what happened to the Lighthouse Keepers, that foggy night.
  • Communicate with the dead to solve puzzles and mysteries.
  • A spooky tale by Jonathan Boakes, author of The Lost Crown.
  • Delve into a non-linear story, based upon a real event.
  • Use Time Portals to jump through time, exploring the past and future.
  • Experience the life and times of a Victorian Lighthouse.
  • Realistic world to explore, based on a real location.
  • Full audio experience and spooky soundtrack.

‘Fetch’ is the old English word for ‘ghost’; The old lighthouse is built upon something ancient and terrible, causing manifestations, time distortions and unexplainable paranormal events. Only by jumping through time, from the ancient Bronze Age to a futuristic research base, will you be able to uncover what is really happening on fetch Rock. Was your arrival upon the Island, that foggy night, really coincidence, or is someone, or something calling to you, across time.


  • Introduction
  • Notes
  • Complete Walkthrough
  • About Fetch Rock Lighthouse
  • History of Fetch Rock Lighthouse
  • Mysteries of Fetch Rock
  • Flannan Isle: The real mystery behind Dark Fall II
  • The Telegram: Historical Document from 1900
  • The Ballad of Flannan Isle (inspiration behind the adventure)
This 'Lights Out' Walkthrough Companion is a great addition to the game itself. Not only does it contain a complete walkthrough, there are chapters devoted to the Fetch Rock Mystery throughout the guide, which reveal a deeper layer to the story, and help keen Ghost-Hunters work out who, and why, certain ghosts hide within the historic lighthouse.

Three Teaser Trailers for Dark Fall: Lights Out.
The Dark Fall Three are dreaming; the lighthouse is fragmented, in time, as Malakai, Parker and Polly 'see' the Fetch Rock Lighthouse from their own perspective. Polly sees the place through her nite-vision goggles. Parker dreams away from the safety of the Harbour Town, and sees the adventure to come. Finally, the mysterious Malakai sees it all, through time. Only he knows what is REALLY going on....till you arrive.

Lights Out is an indirect sequel to Dark Fall: The Journal, and is based upon an actual event; The Mystery of Flannan Isle, when three lighthouse keepers vanished without trace, at New Year 1900. Many theories have been put forward, over the passing decades, as to what fate may have befallen the poor souls that night, out at sea, but none can explain what really happened. Included with the companion are historical documents and facts, from the time, as well as Wilfred Gibson's haunting 'Ballad of Flannan Isle', which features in the game.

To add even more detail, the new companion also includes a 'history' or Fetch Rock, and explores some of the mysteries surrounding the place. Whether you are interstyed in ghosts, lighthouses, real-life mysteries or just want to play a spooky adventure, the 'LIGHTS OUT' COMPANION is the perfect partner to the game itself.


Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Windows® ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista.
CPU: Pentium® III 450 MHz Equvilant or Better Processor.
RAM: 128 MB RAM (256 MB Recommended).
Video: SVGA Graphics Card or better with 32-Bit Colour (32-Bit Colour at 800x600) & 800x600 capable monitor.
Sound: DirectX® 9 Compatible Sound Card.

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows® 98/se.
CPU: Pentium® 233 MHz Equvilant or Better Processor.
RAM: 128 MB RAM (256 MB Recommended).
Video: SVGA Graphics Card or better with 32-Bit Colour (32-Bit Colour at 800x600) & 800x600 capable monitor.
Sound: DirectX® 9 Compatible Sound Card.



This Directors Cut version of 'Lights Out' features new ghosts, who watch and stalk you as you explore the historic lighthouse. They have vital clues to impart, as to what really happened, that foggy night back in 1912. Something unexplainable, and beyond imagining, lurks beneath the ancient island, which only the dead and disappeared can explain. You can now speak to the ghosts directly, in this new DIRECTORS CUT, allowing gamers to get right to the dark heart of this frightful story.

Some puzzles, and enigmas, have also been revamped, for ease of play and to enhance the story. Books and papers have been revised, to include stories relating to the island and its history of hauntings. Anyone playing the game for the first time is in for a frightful treat, where as seasoned 'Lights Out' fans will welcome the changes and new additions.

Lastly, the locations have been upgraded to be more lively. Fog rolls in off the sea, the harbour town of Trewarthan feels alive and the lighthouse in 1912 feels very spooky...there are shadows on the spiral stair, noises in the dark and ghostly apparitions to observe. All in all, this is the best version of the game, rightfully released in the lead up to Dark Fall: Lost Souls (the third chapter in the spooky supernatural series).

This new DIRECTORS CUT is the best version of Lights Out, and is only available from Darkling Room Classics.



3 men vanish!: On April 29th, 1912, the three lighthouse keepers of Fetch Rock disappeared, without trace. Over the passing decades different theories have been offered, and new evidence come to light. Yet still no-one knows what happened to Oliver Drake, Robert Shaw and James Wolfe. The bodies were never discovered, and the inquest of 1912 came to no conclusions. The puzzle has fascinated people for decades, and Fetch Rock has become steeped in folklore. Now, you too, can climb the spiral stairs, and explore the lighthouse.

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Many have sought to explain the mysteries of Fetch Rock; from historians to Ghost Hunters, but none can explain the nature of the mystery. There are online ‘Ghost Cams’ based on Fetch Rock: Go to the official Fetch Rock website to view them:

Dark Fall: Lights Out

May 2003: Productiion begins on Dark Fall: Lights Out. Jonathan Boakes working from Hackney, in London's E8.

September 2004: The game is released across the USA and Great Britain by The Adventure Company.

October 2004: French, Italian, German and Russian versions published across the EU.

March 2009: Dark Fall re-released by Darkling Room Classics as part of the 'Pins & Needles' Limited Collectors Edition. A small, in-house release by Jonathan Boakes.

December 2009: Dark Fall: Lights Out (plus Dark Fall: The Journal & Shadow Tor Studio's 'Barrow Hill') released as part of the 'Adventures in Terror - British Horror Pack' by Iceberg Interactive.

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