“What first interested me in ghosts? In my childhood I chanced to see a toy Punch and Judy set, with figures cut out in cardboard. One of these was The Ghost. It was a tall figure habited in white with an unnaturally long and narrow head, also surrounded with white, and a dismal visage. Upon this my conceptions of a ghost were based, and for years it permeated my dreams.”

Montague Rhodes James, born 1862 at Goodnestone Parsonage in Kent, studied at Eton College, and then Kings College, Cambridge. A successful man, James progressed from Fellow, to Dean, and then Tutor. James was a prodigious writer, but he is best known for his ghost stories. On Christmas Eve, James would read one of these stories to colleagues and students. A Warning to the Curious was written in 1925, and titled James 5th collection of supernatural tales. He was awarded the Order of Merit in 1930, and died in 1936.

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