Adapted, produced and directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark in 1972, this 50 minute film offers atmosphere, eerie photography and a chilling soundtrack. It was the second dramatisation of a James book for the “Ghost Story for Christmas” series, and stars Peter Vaughan and Clive Swift, with a notable performance by John Kearney. Each frame oozes menace, while the haunting violins and flutish tones build to a nerve shredding climax. Never has a landscape seemed more haunted, and rarely do shadows exhibit such threat. A true classic, influencing a new generation of fans on DVD.

Released by the British Film Institute in 2002, the DVD contains the full 50 minutes, and a reading of the story by Michael Hordern. Rated PG (Parental Guidance) this drama will stay with you long after the violins have finished, and the picture fades. A little known classic. Click the image to the left to purchase this story from A full, and detailed, review can be found here.