About: Ghost story written by M.R.James in 1925. James is thought of as “the father of the modern ghost story”. "Warning" was reimagined for television (see “film” section) in 1972.

Story: The story concerns the haunting of an amateur archaeologist, Paxton, who has travelled to the seaside town of Seaburgh on the East Coast of England, to search for the legendary Crowns of Anglia. Paxton unwittingly provokes the ghostly guardian of the third and final crown.

Why: I have a particular fascination for this story, after viewing the television dramatisation as a child. The story has influenced my writing, photography and thoughts regarding the supernatural. This website was launched in Spring 2005, to explore the process of building interactive fiction (adventure games for home computers), and illustrate the story through various media, (film, web, music, photography).

About this website: As you explore the website you will, no doubt, notice there is more to these pages than meets the eye. Puzzles, enigmas and riddles are waiting to be found. Happy hunting. Jonathan Boakes, 28th March 2005.